Argentina’s first ‘Open House of Neuroscience Applied to Marketing, Software Development and UX’ was held 11th March 2015.

The Open House was directed at media agencies, creative agencies and business directors that are involved in marketing, retail, packaging, usability and image of government agencies and private corporations.

The audience consisted of representatives from HAVAS, Maxus, ConceptMedia Ignis, the Ministry of Science and Technology (MinCyt) and companies dedicated to the development of software, among other leading figures within creative and media agencies.

The event was held at the Madero Hotel in Buenos Aires where participants were taken on a tour of a gallery that displayed the potential of Neuroscience devices and Technology. From this they were able test applications and asses how users interacted with products, services, applications and people.

With the slogan “discover how they see, what they see and what your customers feel” in mind, we tried to show the potential of the technology used in Neuroscience and its application in business.

Some of the techniques on display were:

Emotional response analysis by electroencephalogram – Eye-tracking devices – Reading micro facial expressions – Galvanic response analysis – Analysis of public spaces in real time.

It was possible to test applications and evaluate the behavior of users when they interacted with different products and services.

“I was overwhelmed by the technology Celerative displayed. There is always a doubt of how much and if ever new technology will be used. But we had no doubts about the technology we saw on display, for example, the tailored interfaces for people with disabilities and the research in neuroscience around improved education would increase sales exponentially. In short, the progress in this field is more tha impressive – its thrilling.” Esteban Magnani – Journalist, writer, teacher, science promoter and columnist of Vision 7.