We've Gone From "Mobile First" to "Mobile Only." What Have We Learned?

With Mobile, speed plays a double role. On the one hand, Mobile presents us with instant results right now, the phenomenon of immediate gratification.  On the other hand in the era of immediate assistance, brands must provide experiences that are quick but also friction-free.

Let’s investigate some points in order for a mobile strategy to have the most impact.

The Client First. And the Experience.

There is an easy tendency to think first about the technology and how to execute a project, rather than put oneself in the user’s place and experience what they do.

Have empathy for the user.  To design an application that makes sense to the end user and give them a delightful experience means putting oneself in the role of being the user.  We believe we should build from this point of view.

To build experiences centered on users, they must comply with these  3 user requirements:

1) “Help me. Quickly.

2) “Know me. Well.

3) “Impress me. A lot.


It’s likely that you've been there yourself, trying to retrieve information via your mobile phone and feeling frustrated while having a slow experience.  It is not the size of the screen or the content that that is the problem in this scenario.

The average time to open a mobile site takes 15.3 seconds. Doesn’t that feel like an eternity? We have to strive to make an experience is rewarding, and as quickly as possible so that the users feel delighted, not frustrated.  It is about the experience.

If users have a negative experience in Mobile, they are 62% more likely not to buy from the organization in the future according to 'Think With Google.'

Note: Impact Calculator can help you measure and estimate the impact on your revenues the speed of your mobile site can have.

Every Moment, an Opportunity

We know that the time users spend on mobile is growing. And that those mobile experiences must become increasingly smart and personalized.  We understand that every moment in mobile is an opportunity for the experience to be good or bad.  A neutral experience counts, in fact, as a bad one.

Every second, somewhere in the world, there is a moment in which a user has a great experience on mobile.  Take advantage of good experiences, and learn from the bad by being flexible to change them.

Things Change. Let’s Change.

We know that after three months of an application's use, the risk of having a high unsubcribe rate is very real. Why is that? And how can we change that?

Focus on increasing the Customer Lifetime Value. It's something that requires constant attention and adjustments.  Think through what your customers expect from you and how to deliver that and more to them each and every time.  The mobile opportunity allows you to interact with them and deliver on your promises, meeting and exceeding their expectations. It's an opportunity to delight them, creating positive feelings, which can only benefit your company in the end.